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Top Issues Facing BC Employers

Jurisdiction: - British Columbia

Vancouver based law firm Bull Housser Tupper has published its "Annual List of Top Issues Facing BC Employers" (December 30, 2010). In order, the five issues are:

  1. Employee Absenteeism - On this issue, BHT notes that "Employers need to establish a long term game plan for controlling and addressing absenteeism that is
    constructive, rehabilitative, and flexible and meets the rigours of human rights legislation."
  2. Disciplinable Conduct - BHT states "What used to be considered straight-forward disciplinable conduct 25 years ago has become more complex as a result of human rights legislation. This is so because the legislation does not allow an employer to discipline an employee for behaviour emanating from a disability."
  3. Social Networking
  4. Telecommuting
  5. Restrictive Covenants - "There is no "cookie-cutter" approach to these clauses" BHt writes, "and employers are discovering that an improperly drafted clause is the same as having no clause at all".