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The 2009 Canadian Law Blog Awards (aka the ClawBies)

A sincere thanks to Dr. David Doorey for nominating my labour and employment blog for a 2009 CLawBie.

The CLawBies, or Canadian Law Blog Awards, were created by Steve Matthews in 2006 in order to recognize great blogs published by the Canadian legal industry. They are awarded annually on December 31. Steve is the founder of Stem Legal, a company that assists law firms in building their online presence.

Dr. Doorey is a professor of labour and employment law in the School of Human Resource Management at Toronto's York University. His blog - Doorey's Workplace Law Blog  - won two CLawBies last year, one for "Best Law Professor Blog" and the other for "Best New Law Blog".

I started this blog in February 2009 as a means of compiling the labour and employment law articles I had written, presentations I had given and updates I had sent out while I was an associate lawyer at Lawson Lundell LLP. I paid my webmaster about $300 to set it up. My goal at the time was simply to create a distinctive online resume.

Hooked on the format, I then started writing entries about labour and employment law developments that I had missed in 2007, when I was on an 11-month road trip with my wife from Vancouver to the Panama Canal and back home again.

From there, I have continued to use the blog as a vehicle to track and comment on labour and employment law issues, developments and cases, occasionally backfilling as I go.

There is no question that trying to maintain a current/informative blog is time consuming. However, it is, in my mind, an excellent way for practitioners to compile, organize and share their legal knowledge, and I would highly recommend blogging to new/younger lawyers, in particular, precisely for this reason.

So who else is blogging about labour and employment law issues in British Columbia?

There are a few others that I am aware of. Dan Gleadle at the boutique firm Tevlin Gleadle posts on his blog very occasionally. Carmelo Allevato, now with the BC Teachers Federation, maintained a labour law blog for a period of time, although it looks like she no longer posts. And the lawyers at Paradigm Shift Solutions started a blog this year, Fired Without Cause.

Other than that, it appears that the BC labour and employment law community is not yet that active in the blogosphere.