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"Non-Compete Clauses: An International Guide"

Jurisdiction: - United States

Lus Laboris has published a guide entitled, "Non-Compete Clauses: An International Guide" (May 2010).

As set out on their website , the lus Laboris alliance is comprised of member law firms in 42 countries, with coverage in more than 100 countries. Its specialisms include: individual employment contracts; collective redundancies; discrimination; expatriation; restructuring; compensation, benefits and tax; pensions; collective bargaining; workplace policies and handbooks; litigation and dispute resolution; and corporate social responsibility.

The Lus Laboris website describes the guide as follows:

Non-Compete covenants are the among the most sophisticated contractual instruments in employment law today.  This is even truer in a global work environment where employers' interests in discouraging employees from engaging in competition or soliciting customers run the risk of infringing employees' fundamental rights to professional freedom on a large geographic scale.  This publication explains the essential principles of post employment competition restrictions in a large number of countries with a focus on relevant domestic standards.