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"Interest Based Bargaining"

"Interest Based Bargaining" (August 6, 2010) is the title of an article prepared by Mark Geiger, a lawyer at Blaney McMurtury in Ontario.

The article's summary states:

This article by Mark Geiger outlines the general principles and advantages that can be derived by use of Interest Based Bargaining. It compares the principles of this approach to the more traditional 'positional' bargaining employed in many organized bargaining settings, especially in unionized collective bargaining. Mark has been involved in a wide variety of bargaining for and with physicians, teachers, the film industry, hospitals, private and public schools, other health care providers, and a wide variety of private employers including in the manufacturing, service, construction and transportation sectors. Although this approach is difficult to implement, especially where traditional positional bargaining has been the norm, he argues the results that are achievable can make the effort well worth it.