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HEABC ratifies 2 year agreement with Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association

Jurisdiction: - British Columbia
Sector: - Health Care

The Health Employers Association of BC ("HEABC") has ratified a two year collective agreement with the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (HSPBA).

The ratification was announced in a March 2, 2011 news release by BC Ministry of Finance. The news release stated that:

  • The 16,000 unionized health science professionals work in BC hospitals and community health facilities as laboratory and medical imaging technologists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians, respiratory therapists and public health inspectors.
  • The HSPBA bargains on behalf of employees working in the health sciences sector.
  • The largest union is the Health Sciences Association followed by the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union, Canadian Union of Public Employees, and various other unions.

The Health Sciences Association issued its own news release on March 2, 2011. According to that release the agreement passed with 57 per cent voting in favour and the terms of the agreement include:

  • enhanced benefits coverage;
  • improved opportunities for professional development;
  • a fair and equitable process to protect job security;
  • working groups that lay the foundation for progress on challenges related to disability management, on-call and call-backs;
  • a substantive classifications review, with two significant priorities being to lift Grade I to Grade II wage rates to recognize the value of professional practice leadership; and
  • establishment of a high-level joint committee including the Ministry of Health, Health Authorities and HSA that recognizes the value of and involves health science professionals in decision making about the health care system.
  • an agreement to suspend accrual of one vacation day in 2010-2011.