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Class action lawsuit launched against Canadian Hockey League for breach of employment standards obligations

Ontario lawyer Ted Charney, Charney Lawyers, announced that he has filed a class action lawsuit against the Canadian Hockey League for breach of employment standards legislation as it relates to the junior hockey players who play in the league. This is his press release:

CHL CLASS ACTION LAUNCHED TORONTO, October 20, 2014 - A class action has been commenced on behalf of all players in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), Western Hockey League (WHL), and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) who entered into contracts with the teams in those leagues. It is alleged that the contracts with the players are employment contracts that contravene the minimum wage set by the legislation governing each jurisdiction where a team is domiciled.

The defendants are the Canadian Hockey League, the OHL, the WHL, the QMJHL, and the sixty teams that play in each of these leagues.

It is alleged that the standard form contract signed by all players is identical or materially the same, and provides for a set weekly fee ranging from $35 - $125 per week with no compensation provided on an hourly basis; no overtime pay; no vacation pay; and no holiday pay. The average player in the OHL devotes 35 to 40 hours a week to the team and receives a weekly fee of $50. The employment standards legislation for each jurisdiction in which a team owned by the defendant is domiciled provides that employees must receive at least the minimum wage prescribed by the applicable legislation.

The class action seeks to recover back wages, back vacation pay, back holiday pay, and back overtime pay pursuant to the applicable employment standards legislation.

"This class action will recover the wages that these young players are rightfully entitled to by law. Through this class action, the plaintiff seeks to hold the CHL, the leagues it operates, and the teams accountable," said Ted Charney.

Ted Charney is a veteran Toronto litigator with extensive experience in litigating class action lawsuits.

Current and former players in the leagues are encouraged to register at For more information, please contact: Theodore Charney Charney Lawyers 416.964.7950 x225