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"After Acquired Cause"

Jurisdiction: - British Columbia

This is not a new paper but is a new addition to my WebSource. Michael A. Watt, of Alexander, Holburn, Beaudin & Lang, wrote a paper on "After Acquired Cause" for the Employment Law Conference (Continuing Legal Education Society of BC) in May 2005. 

The paper addresses the following issues:

  1. The Principle-A Review of the Ability to Rely Upon After Acquired Cause to Justify Summary Termination

    • General
    • Pre-Employment Conduct
    • Conduct During Working Notice Period
    • Post Termination Conduct
    • Time for Alleging Cause
  2. Burden of Proof-Is the Test for Establishing After Acquired Cause Higher?
  3. Condonation-What is the Effect of Prior Knowledge of the Conduct by the Employer?
  4. Risks-What are the Penalties for the Unsuccessful Defendant?