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Workforce Trends

"The Facts on Wages and Jobs in B.C." as of October 2010

Topics: - Workforce Trends
Jurisdiction: - British Columbia

The BC government issued another instalment of "The Facts on Wages and Jobs in B.C.". The mini-report, which was issued on October 10, 2010 and is based on Statistics Canada numbers, states that:  read more »

"Employees Working in Foreign Countries: Personnel Concerns and Other Issues Relating to Expatriates"

Paul Drager, a lawyer at Macleod Dixon, wrote "Employees Working in Foreign Countries: Personnel Concerns and Other Issues Relating to Expatriates" in 1999.

The paper deserves a fresh bookmark, however, because it appears to be one of the only resources available for lawyers as far as the to be alert to in relation to employees being posted to foreign countries.

The specific issues covered are:  read more »

Two employer surveys suggest that chill continuing to come off labour market climate in Canada

Jurisdiction: - All

Two employer surveys released yesterday and reported on by the Vancouver Sun today suggest that the chill is continuing to come off the labour market climate in Canada.

According to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey of nearly 1,900 Canadian employers:  read more »

Air Canada pilot who was forced to retire at age 60 not satisfied with terms of reinstatement

Jurisdiction: - Canada/Federal
Sector: - Transportation

I wrote about the Vilven mandatory retirement case in an August 2009 entry and a September 2009 entry.

Briefly, Mr. Vilven is a pilot with Air Canada who, along with another pilot, was forced to retire at age 60. The pilots responded by filing a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ("CHRT"). The CHRT allowed their complaint in a ruling that calls into question whether it is still permissible for any federally regulated organization to have a mandatory retirement policy. The Air Canada Pilots Association, the pilots' union which supports age 60 mandatory retirement, subsequently filed a judicial review application of the CHRT's ruling.

There was a very short article in today's Globe and Mail newspaper ("Senior Air Canada pilots allege age discrimination") updating this story. According to the article:  read more »

667,400 people received regular Employment Insurance benefits in Canada in April 2010

Statistics Canada released the April 2010 employment insurance figures today, which include the following:  read more »

Canada gains 25,000 jobs in May, but unemployment rate in British Columbia creeps up to 7.5%

Topics: - Workforce Trends
Jurisdiction: - All - British Columbia

Statistics Canada reported Friday that Canada gained 25,000 jobs in May, the fifth consecutive monthly increase. The June 4, 2010 Labour Force Survey further reported:  read more »

Bonus programs may encourage employees to cheat, journal paper concludes

Bucking conventional human resources wisdom, a recent academic paper has concluded that bonus programs may encourage employees to cheat more than other types of performance pay systems.

The paper - titled "Are You Paying Your Employees to Cheat? An Experimental Investigation" - was published in the B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy in April 2010 ("B.E." stand for Berkeley Electronic).

The paper's abstract explains the experiment that was employed as follows:

We compare, through a laboratory experiment using salient financial incentives, misrepresentations of performance under target-based compensation with those under both a linear piece-rate and a tournament-based bonus system. An anagram game was employed as the experimental task. Results show that productivity was similar and statistically indistinguishable under the three schemes.

The abstract then goes on to state the following about the researchers' findings:  read more »

Canada gains 108,700 jobs in April; national unemployment rate decreases to 8.1%

The April employment numbers have been tabulated by Statistics Canada and reveal the following:  read more »

BC Government releases latest facts on jobs and wages

Jurisdiction: - British Columbia

The BC Ministry of Labour periodically issues a brief report entitled, "The Facts on Jobs and Wages in B.C." Based on this site, it appears to have started the practice in January 2009.

The latest report was issued today and sets out the following "facts on job creation and the wages earned by B.C. workers":  read more »

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games workers start search for new employment

Topics: - Workforce Trends
Jurisdiction: - British Columbia

The embers from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games are barely cold (and the Paralympic Games have yet to begin) but already members of the Games workforce must start the search for new employment. What impact this will have on BC's unemployment/employment rate is difficult to say. Here's some key figures about three of the largest Games related employers.

Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee ("VANOC")

VANOC's website states that by Games time, it had anticipated a total workforce of more than 55,000, which was to include: a) 1,400 paid staff; b) 3,500 temporary staff; c) 25,000 volunteers; d) 10,000 contractors; and e) 15,000 ceremony participants

In this article in today's Vancouver Sun, Jeff Lee reports that:  read more »