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Minimum Wage

Alberta all-party MLA committee meets today to review draft recommendations on future of minimum wage

Topics: - Minimum Wage
Jurisdiction: - Alberta

Today's Calgary Herald had an article ("Alberta MLAs reopen minimum wage debate; is $8.80 too much to pay?") about an Alberta all-party MLA committee meeting being held today to discuss draft recommendations on the future of that province's minimum wage.

The article states that:  read more »

New Brunswick's minimum wage increased to $9 effective today

Topics: - Minimum Wage
Jurisdiction: - New Brunswick

New Brunswick's minimum wage increased to $9 effective today. The increase is part of a long-term plan announced by the New Brunswick government in January 2010 that will see that province's minimum wage reach $10 on September 1, 2011.

The B.C. Federation of Labour marked the occasion by issuing a media release calling for a $10 an hour minimum wage in British Columbia with future increases linked to annual cost of living increases.

BC Government releases latest facts on jobs and wages

Jurisdiction: - British Columbia

The BC Ministry of Labour periodically issues a brief report entitled, "The Facts on Jobs and Wages in B.C." Based on this site, it appears to have started the practice in January 2009.

The latest report was issued today and sets out the following "facts on job creation and the wages earned by B.C. workers":  read more »

Ontario increases minimum wage to $10.25 effective March 31, 2010

Topics: - Minimum Wage
Jurisdiction: - Ontario

The Ontario government has announced that the minimum wage in that province will be increasing to $10.25 effective March 31, 2010. You can read the news release here.

New Brunswick set to raise its minimum wage

Jurisdiction: - British Columbia - New Brunswick

The Government of New Brunsiwck announced today that the minimum wage will be increasing in that province in four steps:

  • April 1, 2010: an increase of 25 cents to $8.50 per hour;
  • Sept. 1, 2010, an increase of 50 cents to $9 per hour;
  • April 1, 2011: an increase of 50 cents to $9.50 per hour; and
  • Sept. 1, 2011: an increase of 50 cents to $10 per hour.

The increases are part of a long-term plan to meet the Atlantic average by September 1, 2011. The basic minimum wage in New Brunswick is currently $8.25.

The BC Federation of Labour, in a news release, pointed to the New Brunswick increase to renew its call on the BC government to increase the minimum wage in this province to $10 an hour with annual increases linked to increases in the cost of living.

For more information about the minimum wage debate in BC, see this post I wrote in March 2009.

Update on BC's Minimum Wage

Jurisdiction: - British Columbia

As I noted in my previous post, BC's general minimum wage is currently $8 per hour and was last adjusted in November 2001.

The BC Federation of Labour has been calling on the BC Government to eliminate the training wage ($6) and immediately increase BC's minimum wage to at least $10 per hour and index future increases to growth in inflation.

The BC NDP Party has also been calling for the minimum wage to be increased to $10 with future increases being indexed to the cost of living.

The Fraser Institute sees things differently. According to a January 2009 article, their number crunching concludes that an increase in BC's minimum wage to $10 per hour would result in job losses ranging from 11,000 jobs to 52,000 jobs for workers aged 15 to 24.

In light of a February 9, 2009 website update from the BC Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services, the current minimum wage debate in BC may be somewhat overblown given the workforce realities:  read more »

Alberta's Minimum Wage to Increase on Apri 1, 2009

The Alberta government announced yesterday that the minimum wage in that province will increase to $8.80 effective April 1, 2009.

According to an article in the Globe and Mail, this will move Alberta into second place, at least temporarily, after Ontario.

Ontario's "General Minimum Wage" is currently $8.75, but it will increase to $9.50 effective March 31, 2009. One year later it will increase again to $10.25.

The article further notes that Alberta's minimum wage will soon be surpassed by Saskatchewan's (which increases to $9.25 on May 1, 2009), Quebec's (which increases to $9 on May 1, 2009) and Newfoundland's (which increases to $9 on July 1, 2009).

New Brunswick announced in Janaury 2009 that its minimum wage will increase from $7.75 to $8 effective April 15, 2009 and then to $8.25 on September 1, 2009

After that, British Columbia and PEI will be at the bottom at $8 an hour.

BC last increased its minimum wage on November 1, 2001.

Increase in Alberta's Minimum Wage Act

Topics: - Minimum Wage
Jurisdiction: - Alberta - Saskatchewan

Effective September 1, 2005, Alberta's minimum wage was increased from $5.90 to $7.00 an hour.

Historically having the lowest legislated minimum wage in the country, this 19% increase, the first since 1999, positions Alberta ahead of Saskatchewan and the Maritime Provinces for hourly pay. However, most Alberta employers pay more than the minimum wage to attract and retain employees: according to the Alberta government the average hourly wage in Alberta is $18.55 an hour.