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Medical Certificates

Bell Canada ordered to pay damages for failing to accommodate employee who was breastfeeding

Jurisdiction: - Canada/Federal

In Cole v. Bell Canada, 2007 CHRT 7, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ("CHRT") ordered Bell Canada to pay damages to an employee for failing to accommodate her breastfeeding schedule.


The employee had 13 years of service and worked in a Bell call centre.

She went on maternity leave. Her baby was born with a heart defect. The physician recommended that she breastfeed as long as possible in order to strengthen the baby's immune system. Further to this, the employee developed a breastfeeding schedule that required a feeding at 4:30 pm every day. 

The employee's usual shift was from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. On rare occasions she worked from 8:15 to 4:15.   read more »

Charter compels disclosure of accuser's medical records in case where care attendant fired for patient abuse

Jurisdiction: - Prince Edward Island
Sector: - Health Care

Prince Edward Island Union of Public Sector Employees v. Provincial Health Services Authority, [2005] P.E.I.L.A.A. No. 1 (QL), [2005] P.E.I.L.A.A. No. 3 (QL)

"Managing Disability and Absenteeism in the Workplace"

Ontario lawyers Elizabeth Keenan & Sheri Farahani have written a paper entitled, "Managing Disability and Absenteeism in the Workplace" (undated). The paper addresses the following topics:  read more »