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Employment Contracts

"Unfair Competition in the Employment Context"

"Unfair Competition in the Employment Context" (October 2001) is the title of a paper written by Murray Tevlin at TevlinGleadle Employment Law Strategies.

The paper's table of contents is as follows:

Unfair Competition in the Employment Context

1. Introduction
2. Employer's Protectible Interests
3. The Enforceability of a Non-Competition Covenant

b. The Four - Pronged Test

i. Employer's Proprietary Interests
ii. Time and Spatial Restrictions
iii. Reasonableness of the Protection Provided to the Employer
iv. Public Interest

c. Effect of Unreasonable Covenant

4. Remedies for an Employee's Breach of the Non-CompetitionCovenant

a. Injunctions
b. The Anton Pillar Order
c. Damages
d. Liquidated Damages