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Employment Contracts

Upcoming conferences on labour, employment, human rights, privacy, immigration, pensions & benefits law

The table below contains a comprehensive list of the upcoming workplace law (employment, labour, human rights, pensions, privacy and immigration) conferences in Canada in 2011. The full names of the service providers, and links to their sites, are at the bottom of the page.

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"Avoiding Employment Pitfalls In Inter-Jurisdictional Hirings and Transfers"

"Avoiding Employment Pitfalls In Inter-Jurisdictional Hirings and Transfers" is the title of a paper written by Amanda J. Hunter, a lawyer at Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP in Ontario.

The paper was prepared for 18th Annual Immigration Law Summit held in Toronto on November 24, 2010.

The paper's Introduction states:

Transferring an employee to or from Canada, or hiring an employee from outside of Canada can be a complicated process. In addition to resolving any immigration issues, employers need to turn their minds to contractual employment issues.

The following paper is a checklist of "things to think about" when presenting an offer of transfer or an offer of employment to an individual located outside of Canada.

"Intellectual Property Ownership – An Employer’s Perspective"

The law firm of Sisson Warren Sinclair LLP in Red Deer, Alberta have prepared a brochure on "Intellectual Property Ownership - An Employer's Perspective" (undated). Among other subjects, the brochure addresses copyright and patents, and employment contracts and technology agreements.

The Top 10 Canadian court cases on wrongful dismissal and employment law

For an upcoming audio conference, Lancaster House has listed what it believes are the Top 10 Canadian cases (actually 13) on wrongful dismissal and employment law. In no particular order, it appears, the cases and the issues they address are:  read more »

BC Court of Appeal overturns award of $100,000 in punitive damages to apprentice employee

In Marchen v. Dams Ford Lincoln Sales Ltd., 2010 BCCA 29, the BC Court of Appeal:

  1. overturned the trial judge's award of $100,000 in punitive damages;
  2. upheld the trial judge's award of $25,000 in consequential damages;
  3. upheld the trial judge's decision to not award moral damages; and    
  4. remitted the matter back to the BC Supreme Court to determine the notice period.

This appears to the second written employment law decision issued by the BC Court of Appeal in 2010. The first was Davidson v. Tahtsa Timber Ltd., 2010 BCCA 12, which dealt with a procedural matter.

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