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Amendments to Saskatchewan's Construction Industry Labour Relations Act come into force July 1, 2010

Jurisdiction: - Saskatchewan
Sector: - Construction

The Government of Saskatchewan issued a news release today concerning the amendments to the Construction Industry Labour Relations Act that come into force on July 1, 2010. As set out in the press release, the amendments:

  • allow a trade union to organize a company on a multi-trade, or "all
    employee" basis, as well as on a craft, or single trade basis;
  • enable any trade union to certify an employer; and
  • allow employers to choose the Representative Employers' Organization that will represent them.

Union construction sector in BC develops first ever drug & alcohol policy for construction worksites

Jurisdiction: - British Columbia
Sector: - Construction

The Construction Labour Relations Association and the Bargaining Council of British
Columbia Building Trades Unions announced today that they have jointly developed a Substance Abuse Testing And Treatment Policy as part of their collective agreement negotiations.

The policy will apply to all union construction workers in BC; it is believed to be the only such industry-wide agreement in Canada.

According to the news release, under the policy:  read more »