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Class action lawsuit launched against Canadian Hockey League for breach of employment standards obligations

Ontario lawyer Ted Charney, Charney Lawyers, announced that he has filed a class action lawsuit against the Canadian Hockey League for breach of employment standards legislation as it relates to the junior hockey players who play in the league. This is his press release:

CHL CLASS ACTION LAUNCHED TORONTO, October 20, 2014 - A class action has been commenced on behalf of all players in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), Western Hockey League (WHL), and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) who entered into contracts with the teams in those leagues. It is alleged that the contracts with the players are employment contracts that contravene the minimum wage set by the legislation governing each jurisdiction where a team is domiciled.

The defendants are the Canadian Hockey League, the OHL, the WHL, the QMJHL, and the sixty teams that play in each of these leagues.  read more »

Director of company breached fiduciary duties in approving own excessive compensation package

In Unique Broadband Systems, Inc. (Re), 2014 ONCA 538, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that a director of a company breached his fiduciary duties in approving an excessive compensation package for himself and the other directors and that his actions were not protected by the business judgment rule.  

Exec not acting in employment-related capacity when he massaged employee's neck; civil claim can proceed

Jurisdiction: - Ontario

In Decision No. 727/13, 2014 ONWSIAT 1128, the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Appeals Tribunal ("WSIB) ruled that an executive was not acting in an employment-related capacity when he massaged an employee's neck. As such, the employee's right to sue the executive was not removed by the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Act and her civil claim against the executive could proceed.

The case summary provides a follows:

The plaintiff brought an action against her employer and an executive officer of the employer. The defendants applied to determine whether the plaintiff's right of action was taken away.  read more »